About Us

Our company was founded in March 2021 on the principles of Inspiration, Authenticity, Motivation, Mindset, and Empowerment (IAMME). It is our goal to:

INSPIRING through positivity. Encouraging to being AUTHENTIC at all times. MOTIVATING beyond circumstances. Promoting a positive MINDSET. EmpowHERing through self-awareness and acceptance.

We are a brand that operates with integrity, and it is our desire to provide the highest level service while producing quality products for our customers. We are EmpowHERing Through Creativity with Positivity on a Page.

Life at the end of each pen.

Sistah Journal was born from a burning desire to positively inspire and motivate others coupled with drive, passion, and purpose. Owner, Stephanie Johnson-Williams, found the need to provide a collection of stationery that is not only fun and functional, but gives individuals - especially women - an outlet to be and express themselves...unapologetically. To bring this vision to you, she designs each product with the customer in mind. These items are then handcrafted with love and passion to fulfill the desire of receiving beutiful and quality products that individuals are proud to use in their everyday lives.

Sistah Journal is committed to bringing you quality products to help Organize Thoughts, Inspire to Become, and Transform Lives. Products are uniquely designed with text and images illustrating character and personality to inspire positivity, encourage self-awareness, and empower self-acceptance. Designs are produced from sparked creativity. Custom designed and personlized products are available upon request and created to include a name, organization, personal images, business logo, and several other options.

Life is a journey. Capture every moment with a product design relatable to you and your personality.

Your Journey is Worth Capturing!

Every moment is worth capturing in some fashion. Whether it be through jotting down self reminders, taking notes, daily journaling, setting monthly goals, or just making to-do lists, all of these tasks are a part of our daily lives. Why not capture these moments using tools that make you feel good even when you're faced with challenges? This is exactly why Sistah Journal is making it's mark with creating a variety of products that will put a smile on faces. Every minute counts! Make it worthwhile with products you can alway cherish.

Featured Design

Motivational journal featuring an illustration of a strong woman with 'EmpowHERed' and 'Real is Rare' text

Have A Custom Request?

We are proud to offer services for custom designs to individuals, groups, schools, sororities, fraternities, churches, etc. For any custom service, please send your requests to customrequest@sistahjournal.com for a FREE design consult.